Answers to Questions (Or other things to do with questions when you don’t really want to answer people) No. 1

Asked: What are you doing, Eric??

Eric Johnston: I’m sitting here in my underwear drinking gin and tonics buying things on Amazon, that in all likelihood, I won’t remember doing until those things show up at a later date which I will need to drink more gin and tonics to recreate my purchasing motivations to understand why I am buying these things, which will of course lead me to purchase more Amazonly things simply because I am drinking gin and tonics again.

Asker: That’s not what I meant.
Eric Johnston: What did you mean?
Asker: Why are you posting offensive things?
Eric Johnston: What offended you?
Asker: I don’t know!!!!
Eric Johnston: Usually people know what offends them.
Asker: I think I hate you.
Eric Johnston: Would you like me to post what everyone else does and talk about Trump so you can really hate me?
Asker: Yes! I really want to hate you!
Eric Johnston: I can tell.
Asker: What do you have against Trump?
Eric Johnston: Nothing except I always hated hearing the word “trump” when I got stuck attending my grandparents bridge tournaments.
Asker: Why do you use big words??! Do you think you’re smarter than everyone else?
Eric Johnston: If you remember I was buying things on Amazon, in my underwear, I won’t remember buying, which probably disqualifies me from the realm of smarts.
Asker: Just post Something about Trump so me and my friends can dissect you!!
Eric Johnston: Dissect is a big word.
Asker: Pussy!
Eric Johnston: Alright…lol

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