Eric Scott Johnston is a mammal that used to write very serious things about technology in very serious ways for very serious publications. He now writes very un-serious things about technology and tries, whenever possible, to have fun with it. In fact, Eric has pretty much concluded his main goal in life is to have a good time, which he is very, very good at. He is also very, very good at drinking Gin and Tonics. His latest work-in-progress is code named “Mostly Sober” and is a sci-fi novel about how absurd technology really is, how our lives are the more ridiculous for it, and how we’re all going to end up wishing electricity had never been discovered.

Eric lives in Scottsdale, AZ and suffers from the yearly identity crisis all residents of North Scottsdale do when the City of Edmonton packs up and moves into his neighborhood, which causes him to believe he’s Canadian despite actually having never been to Canada.